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PDFWAC 314-20-070

Claims for defective keg beer—Replacement of overaged packaged beer—Procedures.

(1) In the case of beer in barrels, beer which is not in salable condition due to defective beer or a defective container may be returned by the retailer to the beer distributor for a claim adjustment. The brewer or supplier may make a credit adjustment to the distributor for such claim;
(2) No claim adjustment shall be accepted unless the same shall be made by the retailer within ten days after the defect in the beer or container has been discovered;
(3) All documentary evidence relating to the claim shall be preserved by the retailer, beer distributor, brewer, or beer importer for three years after the date of the claim;
(4) No brewer, beer distributor, or beer importer shall allow, or shall any retailer make claim for adjustment for defective keg beer unless the container or the beer is in fact defective;
(5) In the case of package beer, other than beer in barrels, beer which is not in a salable condition or overaged may be returned by a retail licensee to the beer distributor from whom the beer was purchased, provided it is immediately replaced by the beer distributor with an identical quantity, type and brand of beer. If the brand of beer is not presently in the beer distributor's stock and is not available to the distributor in the immediate future, a cash refund may be made to the retail licensee;
(6) Beer different from that ordered which has been delivered in error to a retail licensee may be returned to a beer distributor and either replaced with that beer which was ordered or a cash refund may be made: Provided, That the error in delivery shall be discovered and corrected within eight days of the date the delivery was made;
(7) Distributors who replace unsalable or overaged packaged beer as provided in subsection (5) of this section, shall maintain complete records of all such transactions, with such records to be readily available for inspection by authorized employees of the board;
(8) Salable or unsalable beer may be returned by a retail licensee or by a governmental agency who has seized the same to the beer distributor selling such beer in the event the retailer goes out of the business of selling beer at retail, and in such case a cash refund may be made upon return of the beer, provided that consent of the board is first had and obtained;
(9) No other adjustment, by way of cash refund or otherwise, shall be made by the beer distributor, brewer or beer importer.
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