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PDFWAC 314-12-140

Prohibited practicesContractsGiftsRebates, etc.

(1) No industry member or retailer shall enter into any agreement which causes undue influence over another retailer or industry member. This regulation shall not be construed as prohibiting the placing and accepting of orders for the purchase and delivery of liquor which are made in accordance with the usual and common business practice and which are otherwise in compliance with the regulations.
(2) Except as permitted under RCW 66.28.310, no industry member shall advance and no retailer, any employee thereof, or applicant for a retail liquor license shall receive money or money's worth under any written or unwritten agreement or any other business practice or arrangement such as:
(a) Gifts;
(b) Discounts;
(c) Loans of money;
(d) Premiums;
(e) Rebates;
(f) Free liquor of any kind; or
(g) Treats or services of any nature whatsoever except such services as are authorized in this regulation.
(3) Pursuant to RCW 66.28.310 and 66.44.318 an industry member or licensed agent may perform the following services for a retailer:
(a) Build, rotate, and restock displays, utilizing filled cases, filled bottles or filled cans of its own brands only, from stock or inventory owned by the retailer.
(b) Rotate, rearrange or replenish bottles or cans of its own brands on shelves or in the refrigerators but is prohibited from rearranging or moving displays of its products in such a manner as to cover up, hide or reduce the space of display of the products of any other industry member.
(c) Industry members or any employees thereof may move or handle in any manner any products of any other manufacturer, importer or distributor on the premises of any retail licensee when a two-day notice is given to other interested industry members or their agents and such activity occurs during normal business hours or upon hours that are mutually agreed.
(d) Provide price cards and may also price goods of its own brands in accordance with the usual and common business practice and which are otherwise in compliance with the regulations.
(e) Provide point of sale advertising material and brand signs.
(f) Provide sales analysis of beer and wine products based on statistical sales data voluntarily provided by the retailer involved for the purpose of proposing a schematic display for beer and wine products. Any statistical sales data provided by retailers for this purpose shall be at no charge.
(g) Such services may be rendered only upon the specific approval of the retail licensee. Displays and advertising material installed or supplied for use on a retailer's premises must be in conformity with the board's advertising rules as set forth in chapter 314-52 WAC.
(h) Licensees holding nonretail class liquor licenses are permitted to allow their employees between the ages of eighteen and twenty-one to stock, merchandise, and handle liquor on or about the:
(i) Nonretail premises if there is an adult twenty-one years of age or older on duty supervising such activities on the premises; and
(ii) Retail licensee's premises, except between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m., as long as there is an adult twenty-one years of age or older, employed by the retail licensee, and present at the retail licensee's premises during the activities.
Any act or omission of the nonretail class liquor licensee's employee occurring at or about the retail licensee's premises, which violates any provision of this title, is the sole responsibility of the nonretail class liquor licensee.
(4) No industry member or employee thereof shall, directly or indirectly, give, furnish, rent or lend to, or receive from, any retailer, any equipment, fixtures, supplies or property of any kind, nor shall any retail licensee, directly or indirectly, receive, lease or borrow from, or give or offer to, any industry member any equipment, fixtures, supplies or property of any kind. Sales authorized in this regulation shall be made on a cash on delivery basis only.
(5) No industry member or employee thereof shall sell to any retail licensee or solicit from any such licensee any order for any liquor tied in with, or contingent upon, the retailer's purchase of some other beverage, alcoholic or otherwise, or any other merchandise, property or service.
(6) In selling equipment, fixtures, supplies or commodities other than liquor, no industry member shall grant to any retailer, nor shall such retailer accept, more favorable prices than those extended to nonlicensed retailers. The price thereof shall be not less than the industry member's cost of acquisition. In no event shall credit be extended to any retailer.
(7) Any industry member who sells what is commonly referred to as heavy equipment and fixtures, such as counters, back bars, stools, chairs, tables, sinks, refrigerators or cooling boxes and similar articles, shall immediately after making any such sales have on file and available for inspection, records including a copy of the invoice covering each such sale, which invoice shall contain the following information:
(a) A complete description of the articles sold;
(b) The purchase price of each unit sold together with the total amount of the sale;
(c) Transportation costs and services rendered in connection with the installation of such articles; and
(d) The date of such sale and affirm that full cash payment for such articles was received from the retailer as provided in subsection (4) of this section.
(8) If the board finds in any instance that any licensee has violated this regulation, then all licenses involved shall be held equally responsible for such violation.
WAC 314-12-140 is not intended to be a relaxation in any respect of section 90 of the Liquor Act (RCW 66.28.010). As a word of caution to persons desiring to avail themselves of the opportunity to sell to retail licensees fixtures, equipment and supplies subject to the conditions and restrictions provided in section 90 of the act and the foregoing regulation, notice is hereby given that, if at any time such privilege is abused or experience proves that as a matter of policy it should be further curtailed or eliminated completely, the board will be free to impose added restrictions or to limit all manufacturers and distributors solely to the sale of liquor when dealing with retail licensees. WAC 314-12-140 shall not be considered as granting any vested right to any person, and persons who engage in the business of selling to retail licensees property or merchandise of any nature voluntarily assume the risk of being divested of that privilege and they will undertake such business subject to this understanding. The board also cautions that certain trade practices are prohibited by rulings issued under the Federal Alcohol Administration Act by the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and WAC 314-12-140 is not intended to conflict with such rulings or other requirements of federal law or regulations.
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