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PDFWAC 314-10-030

Tobacco mechanical dispensing machines—Licensees without a liquor license—Records.

(1) Tobacco licensees who do not hold a liquor license and use a mechanical dispensing machine (vending machine) must provide to the board a listing denoting the address and specific location of each tobacco vending machine.
(2) The tobacco licensee with a vending machine(s) must notify the board in writing of any new proposed location(s) for a tobacco vending machine ten working days in advance of the move.
(3) Vending machines which dispense or store tobacco products may only be located in establishments where minors are prohibited, or in industrial worksites where minors are not employed in such locations. The vending machines used to dispense or store tobacco products must be located at least ten feet from each entrance and/or exit. The board may waive upon written request the "ten feet" requirement when permanent fixtures or the design of the room make it impractical to place a machine ten feet from each entrance and/or exit.
(4) Vending machines with an exception waiver shall have an endorsement posted on the vending machine license to denote that the board has granted an exception to the ten-foot rule.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 66.08.030. WSR 95-04-044, § 314-10-030, filed 1/25/95, effective 2/25/95; WSR 93-23-016, § 314-10-030, filed 11/5/93, effective 12/6/93.]
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