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PDFWAC 314-05-035

Advertising and branded promotional items for special occasion events.

(1) Special occasion licensees and industry members must comply with RCW 66.28.285 through 66.28.310, regarding the three-tier system, direct and indirect interests between industry members and retailers, undue influence, exclusive agreements, and money advances.
(2) Manufacturers, distributors, or their licensed representatives may use websites and social media to post, repost, or share promotional information or images about events or provide other advertising services per the requirements outlined in RCW 66.28.310. Manufacturers, distributors, or their licensed representatives may also provide programs or flyers to be disseminated at the event, or may have media coverage of the event.
(3) Industry members may not provide money for advertising or promoting (sponsoring) an event directly to:
(a) The special occasion licensee;
(b) Employees of the special occasion licensee; or
(c) Promoters, event coordinators, or third parties hired by the special occasion licensee.
(4) If a third-party organization is holding an event in which a special occasion licensee participates, industry members may provide money for advertising or promoting (sponsoring) the event directly to the third-party organization only when:
(a) The third-party organization does not hold a special occasion license for the event;
(b) The third-party organization has not been hired by the participating special occasion licensee;
(c) Any advertising money may not be shared with the special occasion licensee; and
(d) The third-party organization has not expressly or implicitly promised, contracted, or otherwise agreed that the industry member's brand will be or will be more likely to be sold by the special occasion licensee, that the industry member's brand will be sold to the total or partial exclusion of any other brand, or that the industry member will be allowed access to the special occasion licensed area for advertising purposes without direct approval from the special occasion licensee and payment of reasonable booth fees to the special occasion licensee.
(5) Industry members may not give alcohol-related promotional items to event attendees in the special occasion licensed area.
(6) Industry members may also provide signage with the industry member's name or brand name of the product. Signage that may be visible to the general public from the public right of way must not:
(a) Exceed a total of four signs affixed to or hanging in a window, or on the outside of the licensed event area, referring to alcoholic beverages, brand names, or manufacturers; and
(b) Exceed sixteen hundred square inches.
(7) Inflatables are not allowed inside the event area unless the area is completely enclosed with no view to the inside from the public right of way.
(8) Industry members must comply with RCW 66.28.310 regarding the provision of and/or the receipt of branded promotional items directly or indirectly to a special occasion licensee.
(9) An industry member is not obligated to provide branded promotional items as a condition for selling alcohol to the special occasion licensee.
(10) Anyone asserting the provision of branded promotional items as allowed in this section has resulted or is more likely than not to result in undue influence or an adverse impact on public health and safety, or is otherwise inconsistent with the criteria of this section, may file a complaint with the board. Upon receipt of a complaint, the board may conduct an investigation.
(a) The board may issue an administrative violation notice to the industry member, the special occasion licensee, or both.
(b) The recipient of the administrative violation notice may request a hearing under chapter 34.05 RCW.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 66.08.030. WSR 20-20-038, § 314-05-035, filed 9/30/20, effective 10/31/20; WSR 16-01-102, § 314-05-035, filed 12/16/15, effective 1/16/16.]
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