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PDFWAC 314-02-1071

What is "trade area"?

(1) "Trade area" as used in RCW 66.24.630 means an area where there is no spirits retail license within a twenty mile travel distance at the time of license application.
(2) The board will use the following criteria when determining to accept a spirits retail license application where the proposed premises location is less than ten thousand square feet of fully enclosed retail space:
(a) There is no spirits retail license holder or auction title holder within twenty travel miles at the time of license application; and
(b) The board will determine travel distance by a publicly available mapping tool which may be accessed on the board's website. The web address of this site at the time of rule adoption is
(3) Former contract liquor stores and title holders by those who purchased a state store at auction are exempt from the ten thousand square foot minimum required by law. Should either choose to locate within an established trade area and they are in compliance with board relocation criteria, they may be issued a license.
(4) The board may make an exception to the twenty mile travel distance for the following: A spirits retail license application is for a location where the significant mode of travel is other than by automobile.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 66.08.030. WSR 13-20-148, ยง 314-02-1071, filed 10/2/13, effective 11/2/13.]
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