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PDFWAC 314-02-020

What are the fee categories for a spirits, beer, and wine restaurant license?

(1) Per RCW 66.24.420, the annual fee for a spirits, beer, and wine restaurant license is graduated, as follows:
Amount of customer service area dedicated to dining
Annual fee
50 - 99%
Less than 50%
(2) In order for an area to qualify as a dedicated dining area it must be a separate and distinct portion inside of a restaurant that is used primarily for the sale, service, and consumption of food, and have accommodations for eating, e.g., tables, chairs, booths, etc. Areas dedicated to live music or entertainment, such as dance floors or stages are not considered dedicated dining areas. Dedicated dining areas may not contain:
(a) Liquor bars (see definition under WAC 314-02-010(2)); or
(b) Areas dedicated to games or gaming devices.
(3) The fee for a spirits, beer, and wine restaurant license outside of an incorporated city or town will be prorated according to the calendar quarters the licensee is open for business. This proration does not apply in the case of a suspension or revocation of the license.
(4) A duplicate license is required in order to sell liquor from more than one site on your property. These sites must be located on the same property and owned by the same licensee. The following types of businesses may apply for a duplicate license:
Type of Business
Annual fee per duplicate license
Airport terminal
25% of annual license fee
Civic center (such as a convention center)
Privately owned facility open to the public
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