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PDFWAC 308-96A-530

Veterans remembrance and military service award license plate emblems.

(1) What license plate emblems are available? The following license plate emblems are available:
(a) Veteran's remembrance emblems with the words "U.S. veteran";
(b) Military service award emblems in RCW 46.18.295;
(c) Distinguished Flying Cross.
(2) Who may purchase license plate emblems? Only persons qualified under RCW 46.18.295 may purchase license plate emblems.
(3) What will I receive when I purchase license plate emblems? In addition to a receipt, you will receive an emblem package including: One U.S. veteran emblem, military service award emblem, or Distinguished Flying Cross emblem; and any two of the following:
(a) Campaign ribbon remembrance emblem.
(b) U.S. flag emblem.
(4) What campaign ribbon remembrance emblems or military service award emblems are available? In addition to those in RCW 46.18.295, the following emblems are available:
(a) Afghanistan Campaign Medal.
(b) Armed Forces Services Medal.
(c) Iraq Campaign Medal.
(d) Korean Defense Medal.
(e) Kosovo Campaign Medal.
(f) Merchant Marines Atlantic War Zone Medal.
(g) Merchant Marines Middle East War Zone Medal.
(h) Merchant Marines Pacific War Zone Medal.
(i) National Defense Medal.
(j) War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal.
(k) War on Terrorism Service Medal.
(5) How much do license plate emblem packages cost? License plate emblem packages cost ten dollars per package, in addition to fees authorized in RCW 46.17.040(2).
(6) How do I display my license plate emblems? In addition to the requirements and limitations in RCW 46.16A.210:
(a) When the veteran emblem, military service award emblem, or Distinguished Flying Cross emblem is displayed on a license plate, it must be displayed between the bottom license plate bolt holes;
(b) U.S. flags and emblems described in subsection (4) of this section must be displayed on the outside of each bottom license plate bolt hole. No more than two flags or small emblems may be affixed to any one license plate;
(c) For two-plated vehicles, you may display the emblems on either the front or rear license plate. You may buy a second package if you want to display emblems on both license plates.
When a license plate displaying veteran's remembrance emblems is transferred to a new owner, the emblems must be removed.
(7) Do the license plate emblems on my front license plate have to match the emblems on the rear license plate? No, emblems displayed on the front license plate do not need to match emblems displayed on the rear license plate.
(8) May I obtain a replacement or additional license plate emblem package? Yes:
(a) If you choose to purchase an additional set, you will be charged the fee in subsection (5) of this section; or
(b) When the original emblems become faded or unrecognizable, you may obtain a replacement set at no fee.
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