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PDFWAC 308-96A-077

Volunteer firefighter special vehicle license plate series.

(1) Who may apply for the volunteer firefighters license plate(s)? Any person that:
• Meets the requirements and has proven eligibility as per RCW 46.18.210;
• Is not requesting issue for a vehicle registered under chapter 46.87 RCW;
• Has paid all applicable fees and taxes.
The volunteer firefighters special license plate(s) will be issued upon proof of eligibility and receipt of all applicable fees.
(2) What must be provided as proof that the applicant qualifies? The applicant must provide documentation of service from the fire district(s) where they serve or have served.
(3) When is proof required? Upon initial application.
(4) Can the volunteer firefighters special license plate(s) be retained if the applicant is no longer a volunteer firefighter? Yes, if the license plate owner has at least ten years of service, the license plate can be retained and renewed.
(5) If I have less than ten years of service, can I retain the plates if I am no longer a volunteer firefighter? No, They must be surrendered at the next registration renewal date.
(6) Is there a limit to the number of sets of license plates that a volunteer firefighter can have? Yes, there is a maximum of two sets per applicant.
(7) Are there any other circumstances when the volunteer firefighter plates must be surrendered? Yes, if the volunteer firefighter is convicted of a violation of RCW 46.61.502 or a felony. It is the responsibility of the license plate owner to notify the department and surrender the plates. However, if the department is notified of the conviction, the department has authority to cancel the plates under RCW 46.12.550.
(8) When ownership of a vehicle issued volunteer firefighters license plate(s) is transferred, what happens to the plate(s)? The special license plate owner must remove the plate(s) from the vehicle. The plate owner may transfer the special plate(s) to a replacement vehicle by visiting a vehicle licensing office. License plate transfer and other applicable fees apply.
(9) What fees are charged when the volunteer firefighters license plate(s) are transferred to a replacement vehicle? If the registration expiration date for the replacement vehicle is later than the registration expiration date of the current vehicle, an abated fee for the volunteer firefighters license plate will be charged. It is charged at the rate of one-twelfth of the annual volunteer firefighters license plate(s) fee for each month and partial month. If the new registration expiration date is sooner than the previous registration expiration date, a refund will not be made for the remaining registration period.
(10) When replacing volunteer firefighters license plate(s), is the same license plate number and letter combination issued? No, unless the owner chooses to pay an additional fee to keep the same number. If the vehicle owner requests and pays the fees described in RCW 46.16A.200, the volunteer firefighters license plate(s) may be replaced with the same number and letter combination as shown on the vehicle computer record.
(11) Will my license plates that have been reported stolen be replaced with new license plates with the same number and letter combination? If the license plate(s) has been reported as stolen or if the department record indicates the plate has been stolen, the same number and letter combination will not be issued. This is a law enforcement issue for the protection of the public.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 46.01.110, 46.16A.220. WSR 15-10-005, § 308-96A-077, filed 4/22/15, effective 5/23/15. Statutory Authority: RCW 46.01.110 and 2011 c 225. WSR 11-24-088, § 308-96A-077, filed 12/7/11, effective 1/7/12.]
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