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PDFWAC 308-96A-057

Purple Heart license plates.

(1) Under what authority does the department issue Purple Heart license plates? RCW 46.18.280 authorizes the department to issue Purple Heart license plates.
(2) Who may receive Purple Heart license plates? Any Washington resident who:
(a) Has been awarded a Purple Heart medal by any branch of the United States Armed Forces, including the Merchant Marines and the Women's Air Forces Service Pilots or spouse if the recipient is deceased;
(b) Was wounded or is the spouse of a person who was wounded during one of this nation's wars or conflicts identified in RCW 41.04.005; and
(c) Is an owner, co-owner, lessee, or co-lessee of a vehicle requiring two license plates; or
(d) The spouse of a deceased recipient of a Purple Heart medal.
(3) What documentation does a Purple Heart recipient or spouse of a deceased recipient need to submit to obtain Purple Heart license plates? Purple Heart recipients or spouse of a deceased recipient applying for these license plates must submit:
(a) An application for Purple Heart license plates; and
(b) A copy of the armed forces document showing the recipient was awarded the Purple Heart medal.
(c) The surviving spouse of a deceased Purple Heart medal recipient may be issued a special Purple Heart license plate. In addition to confirm eligibility, the surviving spouse must submit the following:
(i) A copy of the death certificate of the deceased Purple Heart medal recipient; and
(ii) An affidavit that the applicant is not currently married.
(4) May the spouse of a deceased Purple Heart recipient keep the Purple Heart license plates? Yes. To keep the Purple Heart license plates the surviving spouse must provide:
(a) A copy of the Purple Heart recipient's death certificate; and
(b) An affidavit that the spouse has not remarried; and
(c) If the surviving spouse remarries, the Purple Heart special license plate is invalid and must be removed from the vehicle.
(5) If I replace my Purple Heart license plate, will I receive the same license plate number and letter combination? Yes. If the vehicle owner requests and pays the fees in RCW 46.16A.200, the Purple Heart license plates will be replaced with the same number and letter combination as shown on the vehicle computer record.
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