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PDFWAC 308-96A-050

Nonresident members of the armed forcesPlates displayed.

(1) What license plates must be displayed on a vehicle registered to a nonresident military person assigned to duty in Washington? Nonresident military personnel assigned to duty in Washington may display on their vehicle either:
(a) License plates issued from their official home of record (state of bona fide residence); or
(b) License plates issued from a foreign jurisdiction other than their official home of record until such time as that license registration is expired; or
(c) Washington license plates.
After expiration of registration from a jurisdiction other than Washington you may maintain your registration in your home of record or obtain a Washington registration.
(2) How long may I drive in Washington using my USA or European USA Registration (EUSAR) registration and license plates after the vehicle returns to the United States from a foreign country? Military personnel are to reregister their vehicle within thirty days of return to the United States.
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