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PDFWAC 308-93-295

Dealer temporary permits to operate vessels.

(1) What documents are required to place or use a vessel on the water if purchased from a Washington licensed vessel dealer? If a vessel is purchased from a Washington vessel dealer licensed under chapter 88.02 RCW, the following documents are required:
(a) If the vessel is currently registered in Washington state, the vessel may be placed or used on the waters immediately, provided the sale documents are carried on the vessel; or
(b) If the vessel is not currently registered in Washington state, the dealer may issue a thirty-day temporary permit, allowing the vessel to be placed or used on the water. In addition to the permit the sale documents must be carried on the vessel and made available upon request.
(2) How long does the dealer have to apply for certificate of ownership and provide a new registration to the purchaser? The dealer must apply for a certificate of ownership within thirty days from the date of delivery. The dealer must make available a new registration to the purchaser within limits set by WAC 308-90-150 from the date of delivery. Only one vessel dealer temporary permit may be used.
(3) How does a Washington licensed vessel dealer complete a vessel temporary permit? A Washington licensed vessel dealer completes a temporary permit as follows:
(a) Fill out the certificate of ownership portion of the permit, detailing all owners and all fees collected, including the dealer's report of sale and date of sale/delivery. All registered owners must sign the application and signatures must be notarized/certified.
(b) Detach the cardboard copy of the permit and record the date of expiration in dark permanent ink, with bold letters and numbers, on the permit side of that copy. Present the remaining copies to a license agent within thirty calendar days of delivery as an application for registration and certificate of ownership. The dealer will receive a five-dollar credit for a properly issued permit.
(c) Advise customer to:
(i) Display the cardboard copy of the permit on the vessel;
(ii) Carry the purchase order identifying the sale on the vessel; and
(iii) Make the permit and purchase order readily available upon request by law enforcement.
(d) Collect fees for certificate of ownership and registration for a June expiration.
(4) Can a Washington licensed vessel dealer use a dealer temporary permit to operate a vessel? No. The permit may only be used by the purchaser of the vessel. A dealer may not use the permit to operate or demonstrate a vessel.
(5) Under what conditions may a dealer turn in the permits and be eligible for a refund? Refunds are only allowed when the dealer ceases doing business as a vessel dealer.
(6) May a Washington licensed vessel dealer transfer unused temporary vessel permits to another vessel dealer? No, temporary permits are not transferable from one vessel dealer to another.
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