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PDFWAC 308-91-060

Reporting actual mileage and prorate percentage.

(1) How does the preceding year mileage relate to the application Schedule B? The Schedule B application is used to list all actual miles traveled by all apportioned vehicles licensed with the fleet during the reporting period.
(2) How are the miles listed on the Schedule B used? The miles are used to determine a jurisdiction's prorate percentage. This percentage determines how much of the jurisdiction's fees will be charged. This mileage is divided by the total mileage figure to determine percentage.
(3) How do I report my mileage if I incorporate? You must use mileage used from your reporting period under your previous business account.
(4) What type of reporting errors would cause my application Schedule B to be rejected? See the following examples:
(a) Mileage data expressed in rounded off numbers on renewal applications; or
(b) Identical mileage data reported for consecutive registration years for the same fleet.
(c) And any other inconsistencies in mileage data reported.
(5) How do I determine my apportionable miles? Apportionable miles are accumulated by registered vehicles that:
(a) Include only miles for vehicles that traveled in the reporting period; and
(b) Mileage reported must be the actual miles accumulated by those vehicles that were part of the proportionally registered fleet during the preceding year.
(c) If a vehicle was part of the proportionally registered fleet for only a part of the preceding year, report the miles accumulated by this vehicle during this time.
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