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PDFWAC 308-90-040

Dealer registration application form.

How do I apply for a vessel dealer registration?
Any firm making application for registration as a vessel dealer under chapter 88.02 RCW shall, on a form provided by the department, provide the following information:
(1) The name and business address of the firm and a list of additional business addresses of the firm, if any.
(2) The name of all owners of ten percent or more of the assets of the firm and title(s) of office held, if any.
(3) The firm's business structure and place of organization.
(4) The uniform business identification number issued by the department of licensing.
(5) Whether the applicant has been adjudged guilty of a crime which directly relates to the marine trade industry and the time elapsed since the conviction is less than ten years, and in the case of a corporation, partnership, or limited liability company all directors, officers, partners or members.
(6) Any other information the department may reasonably require.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 88.02.100. WSR 03-22-095, § 308-90-040, filed 11/5/03, effective 12/6/03; WSR 02-05-073, § 308-90-040, filed 2/20/02, effective 3/23/02. Statutory Authority: 1987 c 149 § 1. WSR 88-03-038 (Order DLR-162), § 308-90-040, filed 1/19/88. Statutory Authority: 1983 c 7. WSR 83-14-061 (Order 722 DOL), § 308-90-040, filed 7/1/83.]
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