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PDFWAC 308-66-190

Transfer of certificate of title by dealer.

How is the transfer to be done? (1) When a vehicle displaying current Washington plates is sold, leased or otherwise disposed of by a dealer, the dealer must make an application for a certificate of title in the purchaser's or lessee's name within forty-five calendar days commencing with the sale, lease or disposal of the vehicle. The date on which the selling dealer physically delivers the vehicle to the customer/purchaser/lessee must commence the forty-five day interval in which the selling or leasing dealer must make an application for a certificate of title in the purchaser's or lessee's name. Under the following conditions a dealer may be granted an additional interval, not to exceed forty-five days in which to apply for title in the customer's name:
(a) The lien holder fails to deliver the vehicle title to the dealer within the time period for title transfer; and
(b) The dealer has satisfied the lien; and
(c) The dealer has proof that payment of the lien was made within two calendar days, exclusive of Saturday, Sunday, or a legal holiday after the sales contract has been executed by all parties and all conditions and contingencies in the sales contract have been met or otherwise satisfied; or
(d) The director may excuse any situations in which applications are delayed for reasons beyond the control of the dealer.
(2) The dealer must in every case sign or type their name on the dealer's report of sale on the title application accompanying the transfer. If an authorized agent signs for the dealer, they must give their title.
(3) The dealer shall provide a vehicle odometer disclosure statement with the title application as required by RCW 46.12.124.
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