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PDFWAC 308-63-020

Bill of sale.

May I acquire a vehicle on a bill of sale?
(1) Bill of sale for acquiring vehicles. A bill of sale must include the names and addresses of the seller and purchaser; a description of the vehicle being purchased, including the make, model and identification or serial number; the date of purchase; and the purchase price of the vehicle. Bills of sale are acceptable in lieu of title in the cases of:
(a) Vehicles from nontitle jurisdictions;
(b) When an insurance company or private owner has surrendered the title to a vehicle previously destroyed as provided under WAC 308-56A-460; or
(c) For vehicles of the type to which titles are not issued.
May I acquire a vehicle part on a bill of sale?
(2) In the case of vehicle parts a bill of sale from the seller describing the specific part and giving the full name, address and verification of the seller's identity, plus date of sale. In addition, if a major component part is acquired the vehicle identification number from which it came must also be set forth on the bill of sale. A copy of each bill of sale must be maintained on acquired parts for a period of three years.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 46.80.140. WSR 09-08-065, § 308-63-020, filed 3/27/09, effective 4/27/09; WSR 05-14-093, § 308-63-020, filed 6/30/05, effective 7/31/05; WSR 00-13-019, § 308-63-020, filed 6/12/00, effective 7/13/00. Statutory Authority: RCW 46.55.190, 46.79.080 and 46.80.140. WSR 93-08-076, § 308-63-020, filed 4/6/93, effective 5/7/93.]
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