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PDFWAC 308-59-510

Vehicle fee—Transportation benefit district—Exemptions.

The following vehicles are exempt from transportation benefit district vehicle fees imposed under chapter 82.80 RCW:
(1) Vehicles with tax code 95 (vehicles taxed as personal property, such as mobile homes);
(2) Vehicles with the following use classes:
(a) C/G (converter gear);
(b) CMB (combination nonpowered);
(c) CMP (campers);
(d) COM (commercial nonpowered);
(e) EX (exempt);
(f) FAR (farm);
(g) FCB (farm combination);
(h) FED (federally owned);
(i) FEX (farm exempt);
(j) H/C (horseless carriage);
(k) H/D (house moving dolly);
(l) LOG (if nonpowered and used exclusively for hauling logs under RCW 46.16.085);
(m) MOB (mobile home);
(n) PED (moped);
(o) ORV (off road vehicle);
(p) RES (restored and collector vehicles);
(q) SCH (private school);
(r) SNO (snowmobile);
(s) SNX (exempt snowmobile);
(t) TLR (personal use single axle and less than two thousand pounds scale weight); or
(u) TOW (tow trucks);
(3) Vehicles registered under WAC 308-96A-050, (nonresident members of the armed forces);
(4) Vehicles registered under WAC 308-96A-400, (Indian tribes and tribal members);
(5) Vehicles registered under WAC 308-96A-046, (disabled American veterans or former prisoner of war);
(6) Vehicles registered under WAC 308-96A-180, (rental cars);
(7) Passenger motor vehicles registered under WAC 308-96A-175 and 308-96A-176, (ride-sharing and transportation needs ride-sharing vehicles);
(8) Vehicles registered under WAC 308-96A-062, (Transfer or destruction of honorary consul special license plates); and
(9) Vehicles registered under RCW 46.16.305, (Medal of Honor recipients).
[Statutory Authority: RCW 46.01.110. WSR 09-24-039, § 308-59-510, filed 11/24/09, effective 12/25/09.]
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