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PDFWAC 308-56A-275

Certification of signature.

Who may certify signatures?
(1) Signatures must be notarized by a notary public or certified by an agent or subagent appointed by the director to conduct vehicle title and registration activities on behalf of the department. The certification must include the signature, county, and office of the person certifying the signature. Signatures may also be certified by one of the following:
(a) Employees authorized by the director to certify signatures. These employees are:
(i) Deputy director; and
(ii) Assistant director for vehicle services; and
(iii) Administrator and managers of the division primarily responsible for vehicle title and registration; and
(iv) Persons assigned to liaison duties between the department and its agents and subagents; and
(v) Persons assigned the responsibility of accepting title and registration applications at the department's offices; and
(vi) Persons assigned the responsibility for investigating vehicle dealer activities; and
(b) Persons authorized by a Washington licensed vehicle dealer, if the vehicle is sold by that dealer. The certification must include the dealer number, signature, and title of the person certifying the signature.
(2) The person certifying the signatures shall require proof of identification. Approved identification includes:
(a) Drivers license; or
(b) Any nationally or regionally recognized government issued photo identification card; or
(c) Any two of the following:
(i) A nationally or regionally recognized credit card (signed);
(ii) Any certificate or other document issued by a government agency for the purpose of establishing identity; or
(d) Other documentation satisfactory to the department.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 46.01.110 and 88.02.320. WSR 23-23-146, § 308-56A-275, filed 11/20/23, effective 12/21/23. Statutory Authority: RCW 46.01.110. WSR 03-08-055, § 308-56A-275, filed 3/31/03, effective 5/1/03; WSR 99-08-065, § 308-56A-275, filed 4/5/99, effective 5/6/99; WSR 88-20-035 (Order TL/RG 44), § 308-56A-275, filed 9/30/88; Order MV 208, § 308-56A-275, filed 7/31/74.]
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