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PDFWAC 308-56A-250

Signature of registered owner on application—Exceptions.

(1) When is the signature of a registered owner(s) required? Each registered owner is required to sign the application for certificate of ownership except when:
(a) The application is for the sole purpose of removing a secured party of record from the certificate of ownership;
(b) Authorized supportive documentation is used in lieu of the signature or signatures;
(c) The legal owner applies for a duplicate certificate of ownership;
(d) There is a statutorily authorized lien filed by a government agency against the vehicle;
(e) An existing legal owner's perfected security interest is transferred to another party and the new secured party is perfecting its security interest;
(f) The department determines from a review of supporting documentation that the vehicle record must be corrected and a new certificate of ownership issued to correct an error made by the department.
(2) When is one signature acceptable on an application for certificate of ownership with multiple registered owners? Only one registered owner's signature is required when:
(a) The last certificate of ownership was issued in another jurisdiction; and
(b) The last certificate of ownership shows multiple registered owners; and
(c) Ownership is not changing.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 46.16.110. WSR 04-19-017, § 308-56A-250, filed 9/7/04, effective 10/8/04. Statutory Authority: RCW 46.01.110. WSR 03-08-055, § 308-56A-250, filed 3/31/03, effective 5/1/03; WSR 99-08-065, § 308-56A-250, filed 4/5/99, effective 5/6/99; WSR 92-15-024, § 308-56A-250, filed 7/6/92, effective 8/6/92; Order MV 208, § 308-56A-250, filed 7/31/74.]
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