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PDFWAC 308-420-190


(1) Pursuant to RCW 19.105.420 an application for renewal shall be made on a form to be provided by the agency.
(2) It shall be the applicant's responsibility to procure forms and file them with the agency.
(3) The renewal application shall include the following:
(a) Affidavits by the operator stating whether or not there have been any changes in the information and documentation previously submitted for purposes of registration.
(b) Copies or prototypes of all amended, altered, or new documentation evidencing changes; the changes shall be underlined or referred to by footnotes.
(c) A draft of a proposed amended public offering statement evidencing changes; the changes shall be underlined or referred to by a cover letter calling the agency's attention to the proposed changes, additions to or deletions from the public offering statement previously accepted by the agency.
(d) A copy of all camping resort contract forms marked and underscored to reflect changes, additions or deletions.
(e) Financial statements and information as provided for in WAC 308-420-110 will be required to be submitted once every four years beginning from the original registration approval date or at any other time the department deems necessary to determine the financial stability of the company.
(f) Payment of fees as provided for in RCW 19.105.411.
(4) Failure of the renewal applicant to renew in a timely manner on or before the date of expiration, shall mean that the registration has expired. Upon expiration of registration the camping resort contracts are deemed not registered and the operator must register as a new applicant pursuant to the provisions of RCW 19.105.320 and WAC 308-420-060 and 308-420-070.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 19.105.530(1), 43.24.023. WSR 03-03-054, § 308-420-190, filed 1/13/03, effective 2/13/03. Statutory Authority: RCW 19.105.130. WSR 91-01-082, § 308-420-190, filed 12/17/90, effective 1/17/91. Formerly WAC 460-90A-115.]
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