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PDFWAC 308-408C-120

Heating system.

The inspection of the heating system includes the fuel source; heating equipment; heating distribution; operating controls; flue pipes, chimneys and venting; auxiliary heating units.
(1) The inspector will:
(a) Describe the type of fuel, heating equipment, and heating distribution systems.
(b) Operate the system using normal readily accessible control devices.
(c) Open readily accessible access panels or covers provided by the manufacturer or installer, if readily detachable.
(d) Inspect
(i) The condition of normally operated controls and components of systems.
(ii) The condition and operation of furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, electrical central heating units and distribution systems.
(iii) Visible flue pipes and related components to ensure functional operation and proper clearance from combustibles.
(iv) Each habitable space in the home to determine whether or not there is a functioning heat source present.
(v) Spaces where fossil fuel burning heating devices are located to ensure there is air for combustion.
(vi) Electric baseboard and in-wall heaters to ensure they are functional.
(e) Report any evidence that indicates the possible presence of an underground storage tank.
(f) Describe any deficiencies of these systems or components.
(2) The inspector is not required to:
(a) Ignite pilot lights.
(b) Operate:
(i) Heating devices or systems that do not respond to normal controls or have been shut down.
(ii) Any heating system when circumstances are not conducive to safe operation or when doing so will damage the equipment.
(c) Inspect or evaluate
(i) Heat exchangers concealed inside furnaces and boilers.
(ii) Any heating equipment that is not readily accessible.
(iii) The interior of chimneys and flues.
(iv) Installed heating system accessories, such as humidifiers, air purifiers, motorized dampers, heat reclaimers; solar heating systems; or concealed distribution systems.
(d) Remove covers or panels that are not readily accessible or removable.
(e) Dismantle any equipment, controls, or gauges except readily identifiable access covers designed to be removed by users.
(f) Evaluate whether the type of material used to insulate pipes, ducts, jackets and boilers is a health hazard.
(g) Determine:
(i) The capacity, adequacy, or efficiency of a heating system.
(ii) Determine adequacy of combustion air.
(h) Evaluate thermostats or controls other than to confirm that they actually turn a system on or off.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.280.050 and 18.280.060(6). WSR 09-08-014, ยง 308-408C-120, filed 3/20/09, effective 4/20/09.]
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