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PDFWAC 308-408C-070


An inspection of the structure will include the visible foundation; floor framing; roof framing and decking; other support and substructure/superstructure components; stairs; ventilation (when applicable); and exposed concrete slabs in garages and habitable areas.
(1) The inspector will:
Describe the type of building materials comprising the major structural components.
Enter and traverse attics and subfloor crawlspaces.
(a) The condition and serviceability of visible, exposed foundations and grade slabs, walls, posts, piers, beams, joists, trusses, subfloors, chimney foundations, stairs and the visible roof structure and attic components where readily and safely accessible.
(b) Subfloor crawlspaces and basements for indications of flooding and moisture penetration.
Probe a representative number of structural components where deterioration is suspected or where clear indications of possible deterioration exist. Probing is not required when probing will damage any finished surface or where no deterioration is suspected.
Describe any deficiencies of these systems or components.
Report all wood rot and pest-conducive conditions discovered.
Refer all issues that are suspected to be insect related to a licensed structural pest inspector (SPI) or pest control operator (PCO) for follow up.
(2) The inspector is not required to:
(a) Subfloor crawlspaces that require excavation or have an access opening less than eighteen inches by twenty-four inches or headroom less than eighteen inches beneath floor joists and twelve inches beneath girders (beams).
(b) Any areas that are not readily accessible due to obstructions, inadequate clearances or have conditions which, in the inspector's opinion, are hazardous to the health and safety of the inspector or will cause damage to components of the home.
Move stored items or debris or perform excavation to gain access.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.280.050 and 18.280.060(6). WSR 09-08-014, § 308-408C-070, filed 3/20/09, effective 4/20/09.]
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