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PDFWAC 308-312-040

Renewing a whitewater river outfitter license.

(1) The whitewater river outfitter license must be renewed each year by the expiration date. The master license does not allow conducting business as a whitewater river outfitter after the expiration date shown on the license. A renewal must be filed for each business location.
(2) The master license service will mail a renewal notice to each business location at least 30 days before the license expiration date. The licensee must submit the completed renewal application by the expiration date or the late renewal fee listed in RCW 19.02.085 may be charged.
(3) The completed renewal application must include the information and certifications listed in RCW  88.12.275, and the fee listed in WAC  308-312-060. The whitewater river outfitter license will not be renewed if all the requirements are not met.
(4) If a license renewal has not been filed by at least 4 months after the expiration date the license will be considered to have been abandoned and the license status will be terminated. A licensee whose outfitter license has been terminated because of nonrenewal must file a new application as described in WAC 308-312-030 in order to conduct business as a whitewater river outfitter.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 88.12.276 and 1997 c 391 § 9. WSR 98-03-055, § 308-312-040, filed 1/16/98, effective 2/16/98.]
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