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PDFWAC 308-312-010


The following definitions apply to use of these terms in this chapter.
(1) "Business location" means a business office of a whitewater river outfitter. This is a fixed location where business may be conducted with the public and that must post a master license showing "tax registration." It does not mean where river trips take place.
(2) "Master application" means the combined license application form and any addenda provided by the master license service.
(3) "Master license" means the combined license document issued by the master license service.
(4) "Master license service" means the office within the department of licensing operating the master license program, and handling the whitewater river outfitter license.
(5) "Outfitter" means the same as whitewater river outfitter.
(6) "Proof of liability insurance" means the certificate of insurance or other written proof supplied by an insurance provider. The proof lists and guarantees the type and amount of insurance coverage provided and the period of time the coverage is in force.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 88.12.276 and 1997 c 391 § 9. WSR 98-03-055, § 308-312-010, filed 1/16/98, effective 2/16/98.]
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