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PDFWAC 308-20-574

School closure process.

(1) Ceases to provide educational services means that a stoppage of training has occurred because:
(a) Facilities are rendered continuously unusable for a period of thirty calendar days or more; or
(b) Faculty or qualified substitutes assigned to a specific class are not available or otherwise fail to perform instructional duties for five or more successive days of scheduled instruction; or
(c) Bankruptcy proceedings or other financial conditions exist that result in the school interrupting scheduled instruction for five or more successive days; or
(d) Adverse action has been taken by a federal, state, or local jurisdiction which results in the school interrupting scheduled instruction for five or more successive days.
(2) The school must take measures to protect the contractual rights of present and former students if it ceases to provide educational services.
(3) If the school ceases to provide educational services, either voluntarily or involuntarily, it must:
(a) Inform the department promptly by the most expeditious means available and send confirmation by certified mail within three business days;
(b) Provide the name, address, and telephone number of the person(s) designated to be responsible for fulfilling the requirements of this section;
(c) Provide the department with the following information for each student who has not completed a course or program:
(i) Name;
(ii) Social Security number;
(iii) Address and telephone number of record;
(iv) Program name and amount of tuition and fees charged;
(v) Amount of tuition and fees paid to date;
(vi) Amount of class time left to complete the course or program; and
(vii) If the tuition and fees were paid through federal student aid, the amount and type of aid.
(d) A written notice must be distributed to all enrolled students at least three business days prior to a planned interruption or closure. The notice must explain the procedures students are to follow to secure refunds or continue their education. A copy of the notice must also be submitted to the department within three business days;
(e) File with the department procedures for disbursement of refunds to students and set a date no longer than thirty calendar days from the last day of instruction to issue refund checks in the full amount for which students are entitled.
(4) File with the department its plans if any, for teach-out; ensuring that all affected students will continue to receive training at another institution of the similar quality and content as that for which they contracted:
(5) Refunds must be paid to the individual based on a day-by-day proportion of the services provided compared to the total length of the program.
(6) Make specific arrangements to transfer transcripts and other student records described under chapter 308-20 WAC to the department's custody.
(7) Remove or shutdown the school's website and cease advertising.
(8) File with the department any information needed to complete the closure of the school.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.16.030 and 43.24.023. WSR 17-19-049, ยง 308-20-574, filed 9/12/17, effective 10/13/17.]
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