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PDFWAC 308-20-550

Posting of required licenses, registrations, permits, notice to consumers, and current inspection form.

(1) Licenses, the consumer notice required by chapter 18.16 RCW, the apprentice salon/shop notice as defined in WAC 308-20-555, and the most current inspection form shall be posted in direct public view.
(2) Original operator licenses with an attached current photograph shall be posted in clear view of clients in the operator's work station.
(3) Original instructor licenses with an attached current photograph shall be posted in clear view of the public.
(4) Original school, instructor, salon/shop, and mobile unit licenses shall be posted in the reception area.
(5) Personal services shall display their licenses and consumer notice in direct view of their client.
(6) A pocket identification card may not be used in lieu of an original license.
(7) No license which has expired or become invalid for any reason shall be displayed by any operator, instructor, or business in connection with the practice of cosmetology, hair design, barbering, esthetics, master esthetics, or manicuring. Any license so displayed shall be surrendered to a department representative upon its request.
(8) Licenses issued by another state, territory, or foreign country shall not be displayed in any salon/shop.
(9) A receipt, issued by the department of licensing, showing the application for a duplicate license may be used if the original has been lost, stolen, or otherwise destroyed until the duplicate license is received.
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