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PDFWAC 308-15-075

When do I need to apply my stamp/seal?

(1) You must apply your stamp/seal, signature, and the date on every final geology or specialty geology work product prepared by you or under your supervision or direction, and submitted to other parties, as part of the public practice of geology.
(a) All figures, maps, and plates bound within final reports or documents do not need to be individually stamped/sealed, signed and dated. You must individually stamp, sign, and date unbound final figures, maps, and plates.
(b) Draft geology or specialty geology work products do not have to be stamped/sealed, but these types of documents and associated figures, maps, and plates must be marked as draft.
(2) If you stamp, sign and date a work product prepared by another geologist, you are responsible to the same extent, as if you prepared that work product yourself.
(3) The terms "signature" or "signed" as used in chapter 18.220 RCW and this chapter, mean the following:
(a) A handwritten identification or a digital representation of your handwritten identification that represents the act of putting your name on a document to attest to its validity. The handwritten or digital identification must be:
(i) Original and written by hand, or a scanned image of an original, handwritten identification;
(ii) Permanently affixed to the document(s) being certified;
(iii) Applied to the document by the identified licensee;
(iv) Placed across the seal/stamp of the licensee.
(b) A digital identification is an electronic authentication process attached to or logically associated with an electronic document. The digital identification may include a scanned or digitized signature. The digital identification must be:
(i) Unique to the licensee using it;
(ii) Capable of independent verification;
(iii) Under the exclusive control of the licensee using it; and
(iv) Linked to a document in such a manner that the digital identification is invalidated if any data in the document are changed. Final work products prepared pursuant to regulatory compliance shall be stamped consistent with this section and are not considered exemptions under RCW 18.220.190(4).
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