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PDFWAC 308-13-225

How do I obtain retired status?

If you are a licensed landscape architect you may be eligible to obtain retired status if you are at least the age of sixty-five and have discontinued active practice. If granted, your ongoing licensing renewal fees are waived.
(1) To obtain retired status, submit a request in writing to the board office. If the board determines you are eligible, the retired status would become effective on the first scheduled license renewal date that occurs on or after you reach the age of sixty-five. You do not need to renew an expired license to be eligible for this status. The board will not provide refund of renewal fees if the application for retired status is made and granted before the date of expiration of the certificate of licensure.
(2) Privileges. In addition to the waiver of the renewal fee, as a retired licensee you are permitted to:
(a) Retain the board-issued wall certificate of licensure;
(b) Use the title landscape architect, provided you also use the term "retired," or the abbreviation "ret";
(c) Work as a landscape architect in a volunteer capacity, provided you do not create landscape architectural plans, and do not use your seal, except as provided for in (d) of this subsection;
(d) Provide experience verifications and references for persons seeking registration under chapter 18.96 RCW. If using your professional seal, you must place the word "retired" after your signature;
(e) Serve as a volunteer in an instructional capacity on landscape architectural topics;
(f) Provide services as a technical expert before a court, or in preparation for pending litigation, on matters directly related to landscape architectural work you performed before you were granted retired status;
(g) Serve in a function that supports the principles of licensure and promotes the profession of landscape architecture, such as members of commissions, boards or committees;
(h) Serve in a landscape architectural capacity as a "good samaritan," as set forth in RCW 38.52.195 and 38.52.1951, provided said work is otherwise performed in accordance with chapter 18.96 RCW.
(3) Restrictions. As a retired licensee, you are not permitted to:
(a) Perform any landscape architectural activity, as provided for in RCW 18.96.030, unless said activity is under the direct supervision of a Washington state licensed landscape architect who has an active license in the records of the board;
(b) Apply your professional stamp, as provided for in RCW 18.96.150, to any plan, specification, or report, except as provided for in subsection (2)(d) of this section.
(4) Certificate of licensure reinstatement. As a retired licensee, you may resume active landscape architectural practice upon written request to the board, payment of the current renewal fee, and providing evidence of completion of twenty-four PDHs. See WAC 308-13-185 regarding qualifying activities. At that time, you shall be removed from retired status and placed on active status in the records of the board. All rights and responsibilities of an active license status will be in effect. At the date of expiration of the reinstated certificate of licensure, you may elect to either continue active licensure or may again apply for retired status in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.
(5) Exemptions. Under no circumstances shall you be eligible for a retired registration if your certificate of licensure has been revoked, surrendered, or in any way permanently terminated by the board under chapter 18.96 RCW. If you have been suspended from practice and/or are subject to terms of a board order at the time you reach age sixty-five, you shall not be eligible for a retired status until such time that the board has removed the restricting conditions.
(6) Penalties for noncompliance. Any violations of this section shall be considered unprofessional conduct as defined in RCW 18.235.130 and are subject to penalties as provided for in RCW 18.235.110.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.96.060. WSR 10-12-116, amended and recodified as § 308-13-225, filed 6/2/10, effective 7/3/10; WSR 07-05-039, § 308-13-170, filed 2/15/07, effective 3/18/07.]
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