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PDFWAC 308-13-050

How can I get a license through reciprocity?

If you hold an active landscape architect license in another state or country, you can apply for a Washington license if your qualifications and experience meet the following criteria:
• If you have a degree, your qualifications will be evaluated using CLARB's Standard of Eligibility for Council Certification.
• If you do not have a degree, your qualifications and experience must be comparable to WAC 308-13-020.
Submit to the board office:
(1) The board's official application form and reciprocity application fee. The application fee is not refundable;
(2) The initial license fee;
(3) A written review of laws related to the practice of landscape architecture as outlined in WAC 308-13-031;
(4) Evidence of your qualifications and experience as shown by:
(a) National certification from CLARB, sent directly to the Washington board office from CLARB; or
(b) The following materials:
(i) Certification from the state of licensure, verifying you hold an active license and have successfully passed the national licensure exam. This certification must be sent directly from the issuing state to the Washington board office;
(ii) An official sealed transcript showing any applicable courses you have taken from a community college, technical college, or university. The transcript must be sent directly from the college or university to the board office; and
(iii) Verification of work experience as outlined in WAC 308-13-020 (1)(b).
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