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PDFWAC 308-125-085

Temporary practice.

(1) A real estate appraiser from another state who is licensed or certified by another state shall apply for registration to receive temporary licensing or certification for a single assignment in Washington by paying a fee and filing an application with the department on a form provided by the department. An applicant may be required to provide a statement from the state in which the person is licensed or certified establishing licensure or certification.
(2) Licensing and certification privileges granted under the provisions of this section shall expire six months from issuance. Licensing or certification shall not be renewed. However, an applicant may receive an extension of a temporary practice permit to complete the assignment, provided that a written request is received by the department prior to the expiration date, stating the reason for the extension.
(3) Persons granted temporary licensing or certification privileges under this section shall not advertise or otherwise hold themselves out as being licensed or certified by the state of Washington.
(4) Persons granted temporary licensure or certification are subject to all provisions under this chapter. Each temporary permit issued under this section allows an appraiser to perform an independent appraisal service required by a contract for appraisal services submitted to the department with the application for temporary permit.
(5) An appraiser may obtain a maximum of three temporary practice permits in a calendar year.
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