Chapter 308-124H WAC

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WAC Sections

308-124H-805Course approval required.
308-124H-810Course titles reserved for prescribed curriculum courses.
308-124H-820General requirements for course approval.
308-124H-825Secondary education provider course content approval application.
308-124H-830Distance education delivery methods—Defined.
308-124H-835Interactive defined.
308-124H-840Distance education delivery method approval required.
308-124H-845Distance education delivery methods certified by the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO).
308-124H-850Changes and updates in approved courses.
308-124H-855Certificate of course completion.
308-124H-860Courses offered in a symposium or conference format.
308-124H-865Disciplinary action—Procedures—Investigation.
308-124H-870Grounds for denial or withdrawal of course approval.
308-124H-875Hearing procedure.
308-124H-880School and school administrator approval required.
308-124H-885Application process for previously approved schools.
308-124H-890Application for school approval.
308-124H-895Administrator responsibilities.
308-124H-900Affiliated representative of an approved school—Defined—Tasks and duties described.
308-124H-905Notice of actions by governmental entities or accrediting commissions.
308-124H-907Required publication.
308-124H-910Course description.
308-124H-915Certificate of school approval.
308-124H-920Disciplinary action—Procedures—Investigation.
308-124H-925Grounds for denial or withdrawal of school or school administrator approval.
308-124H-930Hearing procedure.
308-124H-935Record retention.
308-124H-940School closing/change of status.
308-124H-945Instructor approval required.
308-124H-950Application process for previously approved instructors.
308-124H-955Certificate of instructor approval.
308-124H-960Qualifications of instructors.
308-124H-965Changes in instructors.
308-124H-970Guest lecturer(s)—Defined.
308-124H-975Disciplinary action—Procedures—Investigation.
308-124H-980Grounds for denial or withdrawal of instructor approval.
308-124H-985Hearing procedure.
308-124H-990Real estate course, school, and instructor approval fees.
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