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PDFWAC 308-108-090

Instructing instructors in the training of drivers.

(1) The course of instruction approved by the director in the training of drivers required under RCW 46.82.330 (2)(d) shall include instruction in driver education classroom methods and principles that prepare an instructor to provide traffic safety education as described in these rules and in state law.
(2) To ensure the quality of the training given, the instruction course must:
(a) Be provided by, and under the direct supervision of:
(i) An institution of higher learning accredited by the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges or by an accrediting association recognized by the higher education board;
(ii) A licensed private vocational school as that term is defined by RCW 28C.10.020(7); or
(iii) An instructor-trainer.
(b) Be not less than one hundred hours in total length and consist of:
(i) Not less than forty hours of instruction in behind the wheel teaching methods;
(ii) Not less than twenty hours of supervised practice in behind the wheel teaching of driving techniques;
(iii) Not less than forty hours total of instruction that includes all of the following areas:
(A) Education and special education;
(B) Driver education teacher, instructor, or trainer skills training;
(C) Classroom teaching techniques;
(D) Communication skills;
(E) Teaching the concepts of driving and traffic safety to others;
(F) Educational methods, theories and concepts in teaching a driver education course, and knowledge of all aspects of the driving task;
(G) Developing instructional materials and activities that aid student learning and performance;
(H) Defining and describing the nature of the driving task on public highways;
(I) Establishing and maintaining classroom organization;
(J) Managing enrollment, student scheduling, student records, and required reports; and
(K) Planning a course of student instruction with outlines, lesson plans, and student performance evaluation tools.
(3) The department must approve an instructor training course curriculum before use by an instructor-trainer.
(4) Any revision to an approved instructor training course curriculum used by an instructor-trainer must be submitted for review and approval by the department no less than thirty days prior to its use.
(5) The department may consider other instructional methods, instruction providers, or academic instruction in lieu of those listed in subsection (2) of this section.
(6) The department may monitor instructor education courses at any time to ensure that the instructor training requirements of this section are being satisfied.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 46.82.290. WSR 09-21-093, § 308-108-090, filed 10/20/09, effective 11/20/09; WSR 07-01-070, § 308-108-090, filed 12/18/06, effective 9/1/07; WSR 05-16-061, § 308-108-090, filed 7/29/05, effective 8/29/05.]
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