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PDFWAC 30-40-060

Collections management.

(1) Staff manage the state art collection as funded, including conservation, restoration, deaccession, inventory, loans, resiting, recordkeeping and documentation.
(2)(a) The commission enters into interagency agreements with partner agencies hosting sites for works of art in the state art collection. The interagency agreement is in effect throughout the partner agency's possession of the work(s) of art.
(b) Partner agencies are responsible for all routine and special maintenance for works of art in the state art collection, which they hold as stated in the interagency agreement.
(i) Routine maintenance includes activities such as surface dusting, replacement of lights, cleaning of glass or Plexiglas, removal of debris, or oiling of moving parts.
(ii) Special maintenance typically involves nonart specific skills including, but not limited to, the application of paint and/or sealant to certain works of art, mortar replacement, or landscape maintenance.
(3) Collections management policy includes:
(a) Conservation/restoration. The commission is responsible for the conservation and restoration of the state art collection. Staff determine conservation and restoration priorities and actions.
(b) Deaccession. The board has authority to formally remove works of art from the state art collection when those works of art meet the review criteria in the collections management policy. Removal of works of art follows the procedures outlined in the collections management policy.
(c) Gifts and transfers. The commission does not accept gifts and transfers of works of art to the state art collection.
(d) Insurance. The state art collection is self-insured.
(e) Inventory. Staff inventory the state art collection in accordance with the state administrative and accounting manual.
(f) Loans of works of art. Works of art may be loaned for temporary exhibition in accordance with the collections management policy. The executive director approves, and staff coordinate outgoing loans.
(g) Resiting. Staff manage the resiting of works of art from the state art collection. Resiting is intended to provide a long-term, secure, and visible home for a work of art. Priority for resiting is given to the original partner agency when possible.
(i) If resiting within the original partner agency jurisdiction is not feasible, then the work of art becomes available for resiting to other partner agencies, in accordance with the collections management policy. Priority may be given to partner agencies that have generated funding pursuant to WAC 30-40-050 (Funding) but have not received a public art project.
(ii) Resiting may not be feasible for physically integrated or site-responsive works of art.
(h) Collections management policies are approved by the board and published on the commission's website.
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