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PDFWAC 30-08-040

Board meetings—Public participation.

(1) Any person or organization wishing to make a formal presentation at a scheduled meeting of the board shall notify the executive director in writing at least ten days prior to the time of the meeting. The chair or executive director may waive the ten-day notice period in the event the proposed presentation is of critical importance to the operation of the commission.
(a) Such notification shall contain the name of the person or organization that desires to make a presentation; the address and phone number of the person or organization; and the topic to be presented or discussed.
(b) Permission to make a presentation to the board shall be granted by the executive director in consultation with the chair.
(c) Confirmation of permission to make a presentation to the board shall be made, if reasonably possible, by staff prior to the meeting of the board, and shall include the date and time of the meeting, and the approximate start time and duration established for the formal presentation.
(2) The chair shall have the discretion to recognize anyone in the audience who indicates at the time of the meeting a desire to speak at such meeting. Depending on the number of individuals wishing to speak or the chair's sense of the business the board must conduct, the chair may limit the time for comment to a reasonable period.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 43.46 RCW. WSR 10-23-102, § 30-08-040, filed 11/16/10, effective 12/17/10. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.46.040. WSR 95-15-040, § 30-08-040, filed 7/12/95, effective 8/12/95; WSR 86-08-072 (Order 1, Resolution No. 86-1), § 30-08-040, filed 4/1/86.]
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