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PDFWAC 296-99-040

What practices must an employer follow for entry into grain storage structures?

This section applies to employee entry into all grain storage structures.
(1) You must ensure that the practice of walking down grain is prohibited. "Walking down grain" means an employee walks on grain to make it flow within or out from a grain storage structure, or an employee is on moving grain.
(2) You must ensure that during the entry and occupation of a storage structure the employee uses:
(a) A body harness with a lifeline; or
(b) A boatswain's chair that meets the requirements of chapter 296-874 WAC, Scaffolds:
(i) The employee is exposed to a fall hazard such as when entering from the top or above the level of the stored grain; or
(ii) The employee is exposed to an engulfment hazard such as when entering at the level of the stored grain, or while walking or standing on the grain. The lifeline must be rigged so that its position and length will prevent the employee from sinking below waist level.
(3) You must ensure that during the occupation of storage structures, including walking or standing on grain, employees are protected from hazards related to:
(a) Mechanical;
(b) Electrical;
(c) Hydraulic; and
(d) Pneumatic equipment.
By using safeguards, lockout-tagout, or other equally effective means. All provisions for the control of hazardous energy (lockout/tagout) from chapter 296-803 WAC apply to this chapter.
(4) You must ensure that employees are prohibited from entering any storage structure where a build-up of grain overhead (bridging) or on the sides could fall and bury them.
(5) You must ensure, as minimum precautions, that employee entry and occupation of all grain storage structures including flat storage structures is done according to all applicable requirements of chapter 296-809 WAC, Confined spaces, when the storage structure:
(a) Has limited or restricted means of entry and exit; and
(b) Is not designed for continuous employee occupancy.
(6) You may allow an employee to perform confined space entry work in grain storage structures without a permit if the employer's representative personally monitors the work to prevent employee exposure to illness or injury from atmospheric hazards during the entire operation.
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