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PDFWAC 296-910-020

Grant awards and reconsideration.

(1) The department will announce when small employer emergency grant applications are being accepted and the eligible region, based on the declared state of emergency.
(2) If an eligible employer purchased qualified safety items during a declared emergency and the grant application process later opens, the employer may apply for a grant to reimburse the costs.
(3) The department retains the option of requiring matching funding by employers in a grant funding round for certain types of expenses.
(4) Small employer emergency grants will only be available for the duration of a declared state of emergency.
(5) The grant application period may be limited in time, so grants may not be available for the full duration of the emergency.
(6) Grant amounts awarded may be less than requested by an eligible applicant.
(7) Grant amounts will be determined based on:
(a) Funds available to the department according to RCW 51.04.180;
(b) Number of eligible applicants;
(c) Amount of funds requested by applicants;
(d) Impact of the disaster or event causing the declared emergency, e.g., size of event, number of counties included in declared emergency, affiliated safety and health requirements, etc.;
(e) Type and number of employers affected; and
(f) Other important factors announced by the department.
(8) The department will notify a grant applicant whether a grant has been awarded or declined.
(9) If an application for grant funding is declined, the applicant may make a request to the department for reconsideration of their application for funding.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 51.04.180. WSR 22-04-092, ยง 296-910-020, filed 2/1/22, effective 3/4/22.]
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