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PDFWAC 296-880-40025

Personal fall restraint system requirements.

Personal fall restraint systems and their use must conform to the following provisions.
Personal fall restraint systems must be rigged to allow the movement of employees only as far as the unprotected sides and edges of the walking/working surface, and must consist of:
(1) A full body harness must be used.
(2) The full body harness must be attached to securely rigged restraint lines.
(3) All hardware assemblies for full body harness must be capable of withstanding a tension loading of four thousand pounds without cracking, breaking, or taking a permanent deformation.
(4) The employer must ensure component compatibility.
(5) Anchorage points used for fall restraint must be capable of supporting four times the intended load.
(6) Rope grab devices are prohibited for fall restraint applications unless they are part of a fall restraint system designed specifically for the purpose by the manufacturer, and used in strict accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations and instructions.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 49.17.010, 49.17.040, 49.17.050, 49.17.060, and chapter 49.17 RCW. WSR 20-12-091, ยง 296-880-40025, filed 6/2/20, effective 10/1/20.]
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