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PDFWAC 296-78-84005

Dry kilns.

(1) Transfer, kiln and dolly tracks must be properly maintained at all times and must have a grade of not more than one and one-fourth percent. Bumpers or stops must be installed at the ends of all tracks capable of stopping a normal load for which the track is installed. A means must be provided for chocking or blocking cars.
(2) Doors.
(a) Main kiln doors must be provided with a method of holding them open while kiln is being loaded.
(b) Counterweights on vertical lift doors must be boxed or otherwise guarded.
(c) Means must be provided to firmly secure main doors, when they are disengaged from carriers and hangers, to prevent toppling.
(3) Kilns whose operation requires inside inspection must be maintained with not less than eighteen inches clearance between loaded cars and the walls of the kiln. The requirements for personal protective equipment specified in WAC 296-800-160, safety and health core rules, and chapter 296-842 WAC, Respirators, must be complied with.
(4) Kiln loads must be equipped or arranged for easy attachment and detachment of transfer cables. Means for stopping kiln cars must be available at all times.
(5) Cars must not be moved until tracks are clear and workers are out of the bight of transfer lines.
(6) When kiln or dolly loads of lumber are permitted to coast through or adjacent to any work area, an audible warning must be given.
(7) Stickers must not be allowed to protrude more than two inches from the sides of kiln stacks.
(8) Yards and storage areas must be kept reasonably free of debris and unnecessary obstruction. Warning signs must be conspicuously posted wherever there is danger from moving vehicles or equipment.
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