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PDFWAC 296-78-71017

Dry kilns.

(1) Dry kilns must be constructed upon solid foundations so that tracks will not sag. Dry kilns must be provided with suitable walkways. Each kiln must have doors that operate from the inside and be provided with escape doors of adequate height and width to accommodate an average size man, that also operates from the inside, and must be located in or near the main door. Escape doors must swing in the direction of the exit. Kiln doors and door carriers must be fitted with safety devices to prevent the doors or carriers from falling.
(2) Ladders. A fixed ladder, in accordance with the requirements of chapter 296-876 WAC, Ladders, portable and fixed, or other means must be provided to permit access to the roof. Where controls and machinery are mounted on the roof, a permanent stairway with standard handrail must be installed in accordance with the requirements of WAC 296-800-250.
(3) A heated room must be provided for the use of the kiln operator in inclement weather. They should remain in such room for at least ten minutes after leaving a hot kiln before going to cold outside air.
(4) Where operating pits are used, they must be well ventilated, drained and lighted. Substantial gratings must be installed at the kiln floor line. Steam lines must be provided with insulation wherever exposed to contact by employees. Fans must be enclosed by standard safeguards.
(5) Mechanical equipment. All belts, pulleys, blowers, and other exposed moving equipment used in or about kilns must be guarded in accordance with chapter 296-806 WAC, Machine safety.
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