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PDFWAC 296-78-670

Glue machines.

(1) Personal protective equipment as required by the safety and health core rules, WAC 296-800-160, and the general occupational health standard, WAC 296-62-11021, and proper washing facilities with noncaustic soap and sterilizers, must be provided for all employees handling glue. Rubber gloves and other personal equipment must be sterilized when transferred from one person to another.
(2) Glue spreaders must be enclosed on the in-running side, leaving only sufficient space to insert the stock.
(3) All glue spreaders must be equipped with a panic bar or equivalent type device that can be reached from either the infeed or outfeed side of the spreader to shut off the power in an emergency situation. Such device must be installed on existing glue spreaders no later than April 1, 1982, and be standard equipment on any glue spreader purchased after January 1, 1982.
(4) All glue mixing and handling rooms where located above work areas must have water tight floors.
(5) All glue rooms must be provided with ventilation in accordance with WAC 296-62-110 through 296-62-11013, of the general occupational health standard.
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