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PDFWAC 296-78-580


(1) Edgers must be guarded by a metal housing of ten gauge sheet metal, ten gauge by one-half inch mesh wire, screen, or by a baffle of not less than two inch wood material.
(2) Openings in end frames must be enclosed with sheet metal, wire screen or wood and may be hinged or arranged to permit oiling and removal of saws.
(3) The top of the edger must be guarded to prevent contact by employees or debris being thrown and all chains and gears fully enclosed as required by WAC 296-78-710 of this chapter.
(4) Vertical arbor edgers installed ahead of the main saw must be located and guarded so an employee cannot contact any part of the edger saws from his normal operating position.
(5) Edgers must not be located in the main roll case behind the head saw.
(6) All edgers must be equipped with pressure feed rolls. The controls must be installed and located so that from the normal work station the operator can quickly stop the infeed drive without releasing the hold down tension of the pressure rolls.
(7) All edgers must be provided with a method of preventing or guarding against kickbacks. Finger units or dogs installed at the edger, or hinged steel plates suspended across the feed table may be used for this purpose. A kickback barricade, in line with the edger, if fenced off may be used.
(8) Pressure and feed rolls on edgers must be guarded against accidental contact by means of roll covers, bars or strips. The pressure rolls must not be lifted while stock is being run, or while any person is in line with the feed side of the saws.
(9) Edger men must not raise feed rolls and reach between saws while edger is in operation.
(10) Edger men must not put their hands on cants being run through the edger.
(11) Live rolls and rotating powered tailing devices in back of the edger must operate at a speed not less than the speed of the edger feed rolls.
(12) Tables in back of edgers must be kept clear of cants, edgings and unnecessary debris.
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