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PDFWAC 296-78-525

Accident-prevention programs.

Each employer must develop a formal accident-prevention program, tailored to the needs of the particular plant or operation and to the type of hazards involved. The department may be contacted for assistance in developing appropriate programs.
(1) The following are the minimal program elements for all employers:
(a) A safety orientation program describing the employer's safety program and including:
(i) How and when to report injuries, including instruction as to the location of first-aid facilities.
(ii) How to report unsafe conditions and practices.
(iii) The use and care of required personal protective equipment.
(iv) The proper actions to take in event of emergencies including the routes of exiting from areas during emergencies.
(v) Identification of the hazardous gases, chemicals or materials involved along with the instructions on the safe use and emergency action following accidental exposure.
(vi) A description of the employer's total safety program.
(vii) An on-the-job review of the practices necessary to perform the initial job assignments in a safe manner.
(b) A designated safety and health committee consisting of management and employee representatives with the employee representatives being elected or appointed by fellow employees.
(2) Each accident-prevention program must be outlined in written format.
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