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PDFWAC 296-62-07706

Multiemployer worksites.

(1) On multiemployer worksites, an employer performing work requiring the establishment of a regulated area must inform other employers on the site of the nature of the employer's work with asbestos and/or PACM, of the existence of and requirements pertaining to regulated areas, and the measures taken to ensure that employees of such other employers are not exposed to asbestos.
(2) Asbestos hazards at a multiemployer worksite must be abated by the employer who created or controls the source of asbestos contamination. For example, if there is a significant breach of an enclosure containing Class I work, the employer responsible for erecting the enclosure must repair the breach immediately.
(3) In addition, all employers of employees exposed to asbestos hazards must comply with applicable protective provisions to protect their employees. For example, if employees working immediately adjacent to a Class I asbestos job are exposed to asbestos due to the inadequate containment of such jobs, their employer must either remove the employees from the area until the enclosure breach is repaired; or perform an initial exposure assessment pursuant to WAC 296-62-07709.
(4) All employers of employees working adjacent to regulated areas established by another employer on a multiemployer worksite, must take steps on a daily basis to ascertain the integrity of the enclosure and/or the effectiveness of the control method relied on by the primary asbestos contractor to ensure that asbestos fibers do not migrate to such adjacent areas.
(5) All general contractors on a construction project which includes work covered by this standard must be deemed to exercise general supervisory authority over the work covered by this standard, even though the general contractor is not qualified to serve as the asbestos "competent person" as defined by WAC 296-62-07703. As supervisor of the entire project, the general contractor must ascertain whether the asbestos contractor is in compliance with this standard, and must require such contractor to come into compliance with this standard when necessary.
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