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PDFWAC 296-56-60223

Passage between levels and across openings.

(1) You must provide safe means of passage between different surface levels and across openings.
(2) You must meet the following requirements for dockboards (car and bridge plates):
(a) Dockboards must be strong enough to support the loads imposed on them.
(b) Portable dockboards must be anchored in position or be equipped with devices to prevent their movement.
(c) Hand holds or other effective means must be provided on portable dockboards to permit safe handling.
(d) Positive means must be used to prevent railcars or highway vehicles from being moved while dockboards or bridge plates are in position.
(3) You must meet the following requirements for ramps:
(a) Ramps must be strong enough to support the loads imposed on them, provided with sideboards, properly secured and well maintained.
(b) Ramps must be equipped with guardrails meeting the requirements of WAC 296-56-60123(3) if the slope is more than twenty degrees to the horizontal or if employees could fall more than four feet (1.22 m).
(c) Ramps must have slip-resistant surfaces.
(d) When necessary to prevent displacement by vehicle wheels, steel plates or similar devices, used to temporarily bridge or cover uneven surfaces or tracks, must be anchored.
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