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PDFWAC 296-54-593

Log unloading, booms, and rafting groundsStorage and sorting areasGeneral.

(1) At least two persons must be present for all storing, sorting, or boom work, except for boomboat operations.
(2) Employees working on, over, or along water, where there is a danger of drowning, must be provided with and wear approved personal flotation devices.
(a) Employees are not considered exposed to the danger of drowning when:
(i) Employees work behind standard height and strength guardrails;
(ii) Employees work inside operating cabs or stations that will prevent accidentally falling into the water; or
(iii) Employees wear approved safety belts with lifeline attached to prevent falling into the water.
(b) Before and after each use, personal flotation devices must be inspected for defects that would reduce their designed effectiveness. Using a defective personal flotation device is prohibited.
(c) An approved personal flotation device must be approved by the United States Coast Guard as a Type I PFD, Type II PFD, Type III PFD, or Type V PFD, or their equivalent, as required in 46 C.F.R. 160 (Coast Guard Lifesaving Equipment Specifications) and 33 C.F.R. 175.23 (Coast Guard table of devices equivalent to personal flotation devices). Ski belt or inflatable personal flotation devices are prohibited.
(3) In operations where regular logging machinery, rigging, etc., is used, the applicable rules apply.
(4) You must provide and ensure the use of artificial lights where employees work between the hours of sunset and sunrise. The lights must be located in a manner that will:
(a) Be reasonably free of glare;
(b) Provide uniform distribution of illumination; and
(c) Avoid sharply defined shadows.
(5) On all log dumps, adequate power for the unloading method used must be provided. All machines used for hoisting, reloading, or lowering must be of an approved design and have enough power to control or hold the maximum load imposed in mid-air.
(6) Methods of unloading logs must be arranged and used in a manner to provide full protection to all employees.
(7) Binders must not be released from any load until an effective safeguard is provided.
(8) All mobile log handling machines must be equipped with a means to prevent the logs from accidentally leaving the forks, and it must be used.
(9) The operator of the unloading machine must have an unobstructed view of the unloading area or must make certain no one is in the area where the logs are to be unloaded. Rearview mirrors must be installed on mobile log handling equipment to assist the operator in determining that the area behind the machine is clear before backing up.
(10) Unloading lines must be arranged so that it is not necessary for an employee to attach them on the pond or dump side of the load.
(11) Life rings with a minimum of ninety feet of 1/4-inch line with a minimum breaking strength of five hundred pounds attached, must be provided at convenient points adjacent to water that is five feet or more in depth. Life rings must be a minimum of thirty inches outside diameter and seventeen inches inside diameter and be maintained so as to retain a thirty-two pound positive buoyancy.
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