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PDFWAC 296-54-569


(1) Stumps used to anchor guylines and skylines must be carefully chosen for position, height, and strength. When necessary, stump anchors must be tied back to distribute the load.
(2) Stump anchors, when spiked, must be barked where attachments are to be made.
(3) Stump anchors must be adequately notched to keep the line in place and not adversely affect the stump strength.
(4) Employees must not stand close to the stump or tree or in the bight of lines as the guyline or wraps are being tightened.
(5) When spikes or cable clamps are used, guylines or skylines must be anchored with at least two and one-half wraps around the stumps. Wraps must:
(a) Be well secured with at least eight spikes or six staples in sound wood on the first and last wrap; or
(b) Have the end of the line secured with two wire rope clips on lines up to one inch diameter and three wire rope clips on lines one inch diameter and over.
(6) Properly installed deadman anchors are permitted. Guylines must not be directly attached to deadman anchors. Suitable straps or equally effective means must be used.
(7) When a standing tree is used as an anchor for guylines of portable spars, wood spars or towers:
(a) The tree must be properly tied back if it is within reach of a work area, landing area or haul road;
(b) The tree must be carefully chosen for strength;
(c) The line or strap must be attached to the base of the tree; and
(d) The tree must be adequately notched.
The depth of the notch should not be any deeper than what is necessary to keep the line/strap from sliding up the tree.
(8) Rock bolt anchors must be grouted, installed, tested, and maintained according to the rock bolt manufacturer's recommendations.
(9) Anchors must be regularly inspected while the logging operation is in progress. Insecure or hazardous anchors must be corrected immediately.
(10) Artificial earth anchors must be installed and used according to their design specifications and manufacturer's recommendations.
(11) Mobile equipment may be used to anchor skylines, running lines and guylines, provided the weight of the machine or other methods are used to ensure machine stability for all applied loads.
Figure 24: Rigging Illustrations
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