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PDFWAC 296-54-557

Wire rope.

(1) Wire rope must be of the same or better grade as originally recommended by the equipment manufacturer.
(2) Wire rope must be removed from service when any of the following conditions exist:
(a) In running ropes, six randomly distributed broken wires in one lay or three broken wires in one strand in one lay;
(b) Wear of one-third the original diameter of outside individual wires. Kinking, crushing, birdcaging, or any other damage resulting in distortion of the rope structure;
(c) Evidence of any heat damage from any cause;
(d) Reductions from nominal diameter of more than 3/64-inch for diameters to and including 3/4-inch, 1/16-inch for diameters 7/8-inch to 1-1/8-inch, inclusive, 3/32-inch for diameters 1-1/4-inches to 1-1/2-inches inclusive;
(e) In standing ropes, more than two broken wires in one lay in sections beyond end connections or more than one broken wire at an end connection; and
(f) Corroded, damaged, or improperly applied end connections.
Out-of-service requirements do not apply to chokers, grapple opening lines, tag lines, cat and skidder winch lines, and drop lines that are not used to move the carriage. However, an authorized, qualified person must thoroughly inspect these cables adhering to the requirements of WAC 296-54-54710 (1) and (3).
(3) Wire rope must be kept lubricated as conditions of use require.
Wire rope selection is an important element in cable logging.
wire rope
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