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PDFWAC 296-54-51160

Leg protection.

(1) You must provide, at no cost to the employee, and ensure that each employee who operates a chain saw wears leg protection meeting the requirements of ASTM F1897-1998 "American Society for Testing and Materials Standard Specification for Leg Protection for Chain Saw Users." The leg protection must cover the full length of the thigh to the top of the boot on each leg to protect against contact with a moving chain saw.
You may use leg protection that meets newer versions of the ASTM standard.
This requirement does not apply to an employee working aloft in trees when supported by climbing spurs and climbing belt, or when an employee is working from a vehicle-mounted elevating and rotating work platform meeting the requirements of chapter 296-869 WAC, Elevating work platforms.
(2) Leg protection must be maintained in serviceable condition.
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