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PDFWAC 296-46B-907

Provisional permits.

Provisional electrical work permit - Use/duration/refunds.
(1) Only licensed electrical or telecommunications contractors can use provisional electrical work permits.
(2) If a provisional electrical work permit label is used, the following requirements must be met:
(a) Prior to beginning the work, the certified electrician or telecommunications worker performing the installation must affix the provisional electrical work permit label to the building, structure, or on the cover of the panelboard, overcurrent device, or telecommunications equipment supplying the circuit or equipment.
(b) The job site and contractor portion of the label must be completely filled out.
(c) The label must be filled in using sunlight and weather resistant ink.
(d) The contractor must return the contractor's portion of the label to the department of labor and industries, electrical section office having jurisdiction for the inspection, within two working days after the job site portion of the label is affixed. Either receipt by department of labor and industries or postmark to a valid department of labor and industries electrical address is acceptable for meeting this requirement.
(3) Refunds are not available for provisional electrical work permit labels.
(4) Provisional electrical work permit labels will be sold in blocks of twenty.
(5) Any contractor purchasing a provisional electrical work permit label may be audited for compliance with the provisions for purchasing, inspection, reporting of installations, and any other requirement of usage.
(6) An electrical work permit must be obtained within two working days after posting the provisional work permit label. See WAC 296-46B-901 (7)(b).
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