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PDFWAC 296-46B-690

Solar photovoltaic systems.

002 Definitions.
(1) Building integrated means: Photovoltaic cells, modules, panels, or arrays that are integrated into the outer surface or structure of a building and serve as the outer protective surface of that building, such as the roof, skylights, windows, or facades.
004 Installation.
(2) Support structure or foundation. For the purposes of this section, those portions of the structure support or foundation that are exclusively mechanical and are not part of a bonding or grounding path will not be considered part of the photovoltaic system as defined by this section. Such structural support or foundation may be done by the owner, registered general contractor, or licensed electrical contractor without electrical permit or inspection.
(3) A photovoltaic system design review defined in WAC 296-46B-100 must be available at the installation site at the time of the first inspection and until the inspection process is complete.
(4) The entity placing a building integrated cell, module, panel, or array is not subject to the requirements for electrical inspection, licensing, or certification so long as the work is limited to the placement and securing of the device and an electrical work permit has been previously obtained for the electrical work related to the equipment by an entity authorized to do that electrical work.
(5) All electrical work, including wiring installation, terminations, etc., necessary to complete the electrical installations must be completed by the entity authorized to do the electrical work (i.e., owner or appropriate electrical contractor).
007 Maximum voltage.
(6) The open-circuit voltage temperature coefficients supplied in the instructions of listed photovoltaic modules will be used to determine the maximum direct current photovoltaic system voltage. Otherwise the voltage will be calculated using Table 690.7 of the NEC. For the purposes of this calculation, a temperature correction factor of 1.25 will be used unless another factor can be justified and is approved by the authority having jurisdiction.
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