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PDFWAC 296-45-055

Employer's responsibility.

(1) The employer must provide and maintain the necessary protective devices specified in these rules and require the employees to use them properly.
(2) The employer must develop and maintain a hazard communication program as required by chapter 296-901 WAC, which will provide information to all employees relative to hazardous chemicals or substances to which they are exposed, or may become exposed, in the course of their employment.
(3) There must be installed and maintained in every fixed establishment employing eight or more persons a safety bulletin board of a size to display and post safety bulletins, newsletters, posters, accident statistics and other safety educational material. It is recommended that safety bulletin boards be painted green and white.
(4) The employer must require the leadworker to observe and enforce all safety rules and furnish a copy of the electrical workers' safety rules to each employee who is covered by these rules.
(5) The employer must appoint only competent workers to supervise other employees and those appointed will be responsible for the safety of the employees under their supervision.
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